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We are committed to providing rewarding opportunities for our employees, allowing them to grow personally, professionally and financially,”

Said Christian Jimenez-Chief Advisor


“We are proud to contribute to our employee’s well-being by providing a culture in which they can gain marketable skills while achieving personal satisfaction for the results they produce; in addition to the ability to maximize their earning potential through the bonus structures we offer

 Steve Aguilar, Director of Operations


 “We have a responsibility to our employees to offer a competitive and livable wage that is in line with our industry. This increase will ensure our ability to reward and retain current employees as well as attract talented individuals seeking a place to succeed.”

Roberto Aguilar-Founder & Co-Director

To Our Employees

Our Vision  at A Smart Tax Services, is "to work with employees to help them achieve their personal, professional and financial goals."


What does this Vision have to do with providing tax preparation service to customers?


1. This drive to help others succeed began with our owner. He believed in helping people realize their ambitions. Helping his employees reach their personal, professional and financial goals thus became a natural part of how he ran the business. As the company grew, we knew that we wanted to make certain this philosophy of helping employees achieve their goals always remained at the core of our operations. We then formalized our Vision in writing and rolled it out to the entire company.


2. Preparing managers and employees to work together in this unique way is essential to the success of our Vision. We train our managers on how to have "Vision Talks", which is our term for the employee-manager conversations about goals. During these talks, employees are asked to define their personal, professional and financial goals. We find that most people do not have clearly defined goals, so managers share examples and also offer guidance in identifying and setting goals.


3. A Smart Tax Services managers understand that, for many employees, it may take time to build the necessary level of trust before an individual feels comfortable enough to share personal goals. We share numerous examples of employee achievements and encourage employees to take steps to invest in their goals. We always acknowledge that goals may be adjusted -“ due to changes at home, new interests or switching from a short term to long term time frame.


4. Once goals are set, employees enter them on our intranet, where they are accessible to the employee, his manager and the president. Employees are able to easily review and update their goals at anytime. As goals are achieved, enthusiasm and confidence grows and new goals are added.


5. To partner with employees in their efforts, goals are shared with the Executive Team - Director of Sales, Business Advisor, Chief Advisor and Founder & Co-Director - on a quarterly basis. Goals are a factor when determining options for current and future company plans. Whenever possible, we look for the right opportunity within our business strategy to help an employee meet a goal.


6. For example, when we were beginning to develop a process for a new revenue stream - Mobile Tax Services - I had a Vision Talk with a marketing employee. She knew we were considering several options and expressed interest in helping with the launch. As she is a top performer, our management group agreed that it would be a great opportunity for achievement. Helping her meet her goal was a win-win: she was able to work on a new project that motivated her and ASTS had a successful system for  sales. This is just one of many creative solutions we find for goal achievement.


A quick summary of our Vision Steps

1. Develop managers' Vision Talk skills
2. Schedule Vision Talks between managers and employees 
3. Help employees define measurable, attainable goals
4. Put goals in a written format
5. Share goals appropriately
6. A Smart Tax Services leaders strategize opportunities around employees' goals


We want our employees to be able to say that they accomplished a personal, professional or financial goal because they worked here, not in spite of it. Matching strategic initiatives with what our employees want to do creates a powerful business dynamic that generates great results!

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